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I care about the way I do business and am c ommitted to being green as much as possible.  Reusing, repurposing and revamping vintage components and found objects and recycling into a piece of jewelry is the ultimate way for me!  I seek out high quality, time-worn pieces (some over 100 years old) that will last and be beautiful for many years to come.
Recycled boxes are utilized but only when doing so won't compromise the safe delivery of your purchases.  I may also re-use clean packaging materials as filler and would love for you to recycle them when you are ready, also.
Once my current supply is gone, I will seek out replacement bags, tissue and boxes made in the USA  with recycled paper.  I am always looking for a better way of doing things that will lessen my footprint on Mother Earth!
 I find that in an era of mass production,  infusing new life into past treasures, found objects and paper products that would otherwise end up in the landfill, is a trend that many of us will want to embrace for the future.