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Many women have a jewelry box of family keepsakes, buttons, outdated jewelry, broken strands of pearls and crystals, single earrings and charms.  They are useless in their present form yet too sentimental to dispose of.
These forgotten treasures can be repurposed, revamped and redesigned into a wearable piece of art that you will cherish; an heirloom worthy of being handed down.
I love working with clients to tell their own personal story.  The process leaves us both with a great sense of satisfaction!  Imagine yourself walking into a room excited about wearing your new custom necklace.  You're proud when people notice what a unique piece it is.  They want to know more about the components and are amazed when you explain that they are all family heirlooms that have a story to tell!
 Brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride (and groom!) will find that these pieces give new meaning to the phrase "something old, something new".  And what a special way to remember and honor those who can't be there to help you celebrate.
Should you decide to have a custom design created, here are a few things to think about:
     1.)  What are your color preferences?  Combinations?
     2.)  Do you have a piece of clothing that you would like to update and use for inspiration?
     3.)  What length do you prefer?
     4.)  Would you choose gold, silver, brass, etc. (either oxidized or natural) components to work
            with your objects?
     5.)  Would you like semi-precious stones, pearls, crystals, rhinestones, etc. incorporated?
     6.)  Would you want an assymetrical or symetrical design if you had a choice?
     7.)  Would this design be worn casually or for a dressy occasion?  Be able to go either way?
     8.)  Do you have a price range?                         
                Note:  I charge $30.00 an hour for any time involved after the initial consultation.
     9.)  Hair and skin color may come into play depending on what colors, if any, are chosen.
    10.)  Is your unique style more classic, natural or romantic?  If you're not sure, I have a few
            questions you could answer to help determine this.
    11.)  Do you have a necklace, bracelet or earrings in mind?
When you're ready, just contact me by phone or email and we'll explore the possibilities!
                                                           Phone:  (757) 810-9994