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I've had many hobby interests throughout my life which, at the moment, satisfied my need to be creative. Yet, I was always searching for my niche.  I began to wonder if I would ever find that one thing that I could be passionate about.  Then, the idea to enroll in a jewelry-making class with my 2 daughters came about (I thought it was a great way for us to bond on my birthday!).  They had other plans for me ( a wonderful surprise) so the plan was postponed.
A year later, I showed up at my first class with a late 1800's cut steel buckle (something I had found on one of my antiquing adventures) with the hopes of incorporating it into a necklace of some sort.  After a few hours, the buckle which once adorned a womans boot or shoe took on a whole new dimension and was given another life and function.  I was fascinated with the idea of blending the old with the new; of redefining vintage elements to create a modern design.  That was May of 2007 and, as the saying goes, "the rest is history!"
I now search for and carefully select vintage objects that I love and possess unique qualities.  Most of the time, these elements need to be carefully cleaned and/or restored to a stable condition before moving forward.  Because I am a process artist, I usually begin a design with one of these special pieces (or one that I have handcrafted) for inspiration.   I then gather together everything I think has a possibility of being involved in the end result as well as make a decision on the length and the positioning of the focal in the design.  I like to experiment with different combinations of materials including gemstones, textiles, freshwater pearls, vintage text, photos and ephemera. I find it interesting as well as challenging to compose assymetrical designs so I'm always looking for a way to do that.  After playing with the components, a story begins to take shape as elements are added or eliminated.  Then comes the "aha" moment when I know it's complete! 
  At this point, I need to determine how it will all be connected which can be a unique challenge in itself.  After all, a vintage buckle, watch fob, dress clip, key or drawer pull wasn't originally meant to become a necklace or bracelet component!  To accomplish this, I may use wire-wrapping, riveting or any other number of metalsmithing techniques.   As each design is finished, it is "test driven" to assure there are no issues with its comfort, wearability and quality.  Once I am satisfied  with this step,  the piece is named and the components are written down and attached to the jewelry.
 I currently live in Williamsburg, Va. with my handsome and supportive husband and adorable mini daschund, Charlie.  We have 2 amazing daughters; one is living and working in New York State and the other is in her sophmore year at Va. Tech.  When they come to visit, they become part of my test market as well as quality control advisors!  When I'm not working in my studio, I enjoy searching for great finds, reading/learning and spending time with my family and friends.